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Android and iOS Mobile Game Apps That Help You Conserve Water

Global warming brings extreme weather patterns throughout the world and in recent years, we have seen many severe weather conditions unseen in decades. In 2016, El Nino has unleashed a full force and have been making a major impact in the global climate. With February of 2016 recorded a highest temperature in the history of its month and with it came severe drought that continues to impact the water supply throughout the world.

Extreme lack of water loss has been observed in many parts of Middle East, as well as parts of South East Asia. Africa has seen intense heat waves accompanied by severe dryness. As a global citizen, it is important to be mindful of the water conditions and practicing proper conservation of H2O is a responsibility that everyone shares.

With technology comes shortcuts and conveniences. Several smartphone apps have come out to aid the monitoring and improving the water usage and they seem to produce a positive impact on water conservation.

Here are 4 apps that we have tested that shows the most promise and features in helping you save water.

1. Dropcountr

Available on both iOS and Android, Dropcountr is a nifty little app that helps you monitor your water use in your home. How does it work? It integrates smartly with your water utility companies to display all the important information you need to see how much water you are consuming and provides useful tips on how to save water. One of the most polished apps available for saving water and it’s been mentioned in popular web magazines like Forbes and The Guardian.

2. Shower Watch

Did you know that average person uses up to 17 gallons of water? That is a lot of water no matter how you slice it, especially when you consider all the water shortage that many are facing in different parts of the world. There are many gadgets that help you conserve water when you shower, like low water flow shower heads. However, why not try letting an app help you manage your shower water usage? Shower Watch for iOS is exactly that. Integrated with Apple Watch, this app logs the amount of time you shower and help you become more aware of how much water you are consuming.

3. Captain Plop’s Water Saving Mission

Created by South Australian Water Corporation, this fun little app is an educational game that helps you save water by performing the following features. Aimed at young children, Captain Plop is a super hero with a mission to help you save water in a smart way. It has a cool little timer that can track how much water you are using when you shower. It also pushes notifications to parents by having the kids report leaks as well as alerting you to shut the water off while brushing your teeth.

4. Water Warrior

Cute little water droplet carrying a sword and a shield, out to help the world save water. Sign me up! Created by a team of Engineering students in Cebu Institute of Technology University, Water Warrior helps to educate the kids on proper management. “We were able to get insights from kids about what they want in a mobile game” stated Gerasta, one of the students who helped develop the app.

The Rarest Items on Animal Jam!

There seems to be much debate about the rarest item on Animal Jam. Some say the rarest items are spiked collars. Others claim they are furry hats or headdresses. These people are fools! The rarest item on the game is, in my opinion, the original glitch ring. Good luck finding or buying one of these! Even if you have piles of diamonds and gems, you still cannot outright get it!

Released in 2013, this ring is still sought after by collectors in the game. As a non-member land clothing item, it was released in Epic Wonders. Originally, the glitched ring was meant to be a turquoise ring with a luminescent shine in the middle of the stone. This shine appeared as a dark spot, and was quickly removed from the game. Now they are close to impossible to find. Believe me, I have tried. So keep your spiked collars and furry hats and headdresses. If true rarity is what you seek, there is no other choice. Find the FIRST glitched ring!